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Letter in a bottle

Agent in Black

Sent dead diamonds in a bottle

To a place down the river at night

At the bottom of the bottle

Was a simple room with lights

Across the flower field

That stretch out under my feet

In my chest and on my lips

To be inside thee cosmos

the universe

it's a simple room with lights

All the planets in here

Like bones in the body

A lost place

Under my feet

all rivers end here

Pouring out

like tickled childrens laughs

the crickets

Wait till after sunset

For a blind baby

Someone you will meet later in life

A Mother of dragons

An agent in black

A forest whisper

Someone you will meet later

After meeting the young Serene girl from the Fairytales

Who cuts off the seat belt

In the fire

Diamonds in her hands

Don't take the rivers

Don't divert their streams

Don't send them elsewhere

This is a lost place

With pregnant women

I will send this letter in a bottle across the flower field

I trust the river is Irreversible


- Poem by Other Story member, Anton Falck Gansted, Jordan 2018.

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